Studio Works pt​.​IV

by Touane



A blast from the past!

I found this 2010 EP while digging in some old backup drive and loved both the vibe and the sound, the latter mainly thanks to Frank Wiedmann / Tweakbox’s brilliant mastering from 2012.

While I am not sure this is “old me” in its best shape, I hear some magic here and there. This is the first bunch of tracks I had worked on after having switched to an analog setup for mixing, at the time where my experimentation with audio DIY begun, and it seems to conclude with the right tone the Touane journey.

All in all, I think it deserves to be available for listening to those who enjoyed my stuff back in the days.

There you go!


released December 30, 2016

written and produced by Marco Tonni, Berlin 2010.




Touane Berlin, Germany

Touane was italian Marco Tonni's electronic music alter ego from 2003 to 2010.

Emerged from Bologna’s stimulant scene around the turn of the millennium, Marco established himself as a respected underground producer once relocated to Berlin 'mid 2000s.

In 2009 he created the digital label Left Handed as the exclusive output of his studio activities, and produced 7 EPs over the next two years.
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