LHD​-​001 Studio Works Pt​.​I

by Touane



Left Handed debut release is a colourful 3 track ep of electronic dance music.

1 - Rare Beauty
This is the track which triggered the whole idea of the label. Having worked on this piece already for a fair amount of time, I found myself irritated by the fact that the music was going to take a certain direction because while I was enjoying it, I kept thinking how hard this direction would make it to release on the labels I was in touch with.
Still, I could not just leave this tune sit there. I felt there was something, I loved the melodic line which breaks in magically, its seventies sound and the fact that here I tried for the first time to compose a real “theme”, like I feel it is saying something.
And then, the break, a programmed acoustic drum part which takes the music somewhere else, to a crescendo that reaches out of the club atmosphere, in a progressive-rock way.
I tried to produce this as it would be a band performing, a person behind the hi-hat, a person (several maybe) clapping, and so on. I tried to imagine all this people in a studio and me behind a console.

2 - Bare Duty
As I decided that the line to follow for the structure of the eps will be a main track, a more four to the floor reconstruction of it, and a third electronic number, I opened up the Rare Beauty project with my sequencer and started to chop and reloop it.
After a couple of hours, I found myself dancing on my chair to one of the rare really pumping techno tracks I think I ever made. This reminded me how remixing (someone else or oneself too) is always a stimulating and engaging operation, a chance to find out and improvise with new languages. I think this track has some solid energy.

3 - Marion
This third track is a quieter one, where still the rhythm plays a fundamental role, and its movement is based on a recurring one-note break to build tension and its resolution in those marimba-like chords.
It reminds me a bit of a track called Chamber I released on Liebe*Detail a couple of years ago. It has that lightness, still I feel it's more focused that that older one.


released December 18, 2009



all rights reserved


Touane Berlin, Germany

Touane was italian Marco Tonni's electronic music alter ego from 2003 to 2010.

Emerged from Bologna’s stimulant scene around the turn of the millennium, Marco established himself as a respected underground producer once relocated to Berlin 'mid 2000s.

In 2009 he created the digital label Left Handed as the exclusive output of his studio activities, and produced 7 EPs over the next two years.
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