LHD​-​003 Studio Works Pt​.​III

by Touane



The third part of the Studio Works instalment is a musical voyage inside and outside the Left Handed studio, with a strange buzzing presence as a special guest.
1 - The Hornet pt. 1
Making music in the studio is most of the time an abstraction from reality and its practical issues. Still imagine which state of mind I got while working on a special piano piece that I was loving so much, when I noticed a huge buzz. No, no speakers broke nor weird hums or broken cables: a huge hornet was flying around the entrance of the room, finding some space to hide between the heavy curtain and the sliding door I built. I cannot listen to this music without thinking how tense I was because of its scary presence while turning knobs and recording elements to give the arrangement a more precise direction.

The pulses of this track reflect this dichotomy between the two states of being lost in sound and being back to reality, jumping on my seat when I felt the noisy monster got closer. I think I am getting better into filling up dense layers in a more organic and natural way. For how much it’s outer world, I still think there’s as much of this earth inside those percussive tracks.

2 - The Hornet pt. 2
Dealing so much and so closely with a piece of music makes you normally almost hate it. But if the material is good, and mutiple solutions are possible, it’s just a joy to decide to go forward with it, extend it, develop it further. I thought to get back to the dreamy elements, if possible even more fluffy, with those string samples that open up this second part. Still I opted for a more steady and regular pace for the rhythm, and I kept the spacey sugges- tions more as cinematic effects to surround the pulsing basses.

3 - Atomo
Another take on those buzzying sounds, definitely reduced the imaginative elements and kept it as dry as I can. Still things keep moving around, it’s still a live and organic thing.


released May 7, 2010



all rights reserved


Touane Berlin, Germany

Touane was italian Marco Tonni's electronic music alter ego from 2003 to 2010.

Emerged from Bologna’s stimulant scene around the turn of the millennium, Marco established himself as a respected underground producer once relocated to Berlin 'mid 2000s.

In 2009 he created the digital label Left Handed as the exclusive output of his studio activities, and produced 7 EPs over the next two years.
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